4 Days Experience

The key to stop repeating the negative patterns in your life is looking beyond the surface and recognising your power

Join us in a 4 days experience

where together, we will peel away the layers of perceptions, so that you can see your inner power

Starting on Monday, the 13th of May

Because YOU don’t have to do it alone 

Is this you, beautiful soul?

       green heart curious to connect with the truth about who you are – going past everyone’s perspectives
       green heart tired of exploring your inner world alone
       green heart you understand that your beautiful soul is waiting for you to connect with its wisdom
       green heart you see everyone around you using big words about spirituality, but all you want is to understand how to navigate your space, how to work with what do you have available to you
       green heart constantly asking yourself if you are moving fast enough in your own personal growth journey
       green heart you want to know how to look at the blind spots in every situation that comes your way
       green heart you’ve been relying on your logic too much, but you know that there is so much more in your space to explore
        If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is a very special invitation for you, to join us in a life changing experience, starting on Monday, the 13th of May. 

Why joining us?

       red heart you will be stepping into a space where things that are unseen will be revealed to you, in a way that it will resonate with you
       red heart we don’t use big jargon words, that mean nothing to you. You will be guided through the experience in a simple, non-judgemental way, so that you can take your time in connecting with your truth and give yourself the permission to decipher it.
       red heart your story is important. Nothing is too big, too small. Everything is important, everything is valid. So everything that will come your way, will be invited with love and gratitude.
       red heart you will receive an incredible amount of support, so… if this is what you know you need at this point in your life, and you’re open to receiving it, then this is the space that you will love to be part of
       red heart you will walk away with the ultimate gift for your soul – your openness to communicate and work with everything that is part of you

What to expect during the 4 Days Experience?

Day 1 - we will look at all the things that are already in your awareness - everything that’s ON THE SURFACE:
sparkles the words that you tend to tell yourself
sparkles the opinions of others
sparkles the reality that has been created, based on current circumstances
On day one, we will face everything that swims on the surface, with a lot of courage, love, understanding. We will acknowledge everything that helped us get to where we are, while opening up to what else is available for our journey.
Live Call happening at 6pm UK/1pm Est
Day 2 - Integration
On day two, I will use all my tools and guidance to help you decipher some of the things that come your way. your questions will be answered and you will be guided to better understand:
sun what certain things mean to you, 
sun how they got here in your space,
sun which ones need to stay and which ones need to be dissolved, with love.
Live Call happening at 1pm UK/8am Est
Day 3 - we will go deeper - BEYOND THE SURFACE
This is where you will be able to:
red heart feel and connect with the energy of your soul at a deeper level
red heart invite precious information, clues, indications that will help you navigate current situation in life and business
red heart recognise what your inner world looks like, feels like, sounds like.
Live Call happening at 6pm UK/1pm Est
Day 4 - Integration
We all know that every time we go through a new experience, we assimilate it better when we take time to integrate everything that we learned.
On day four, 
star️ all your questions will be answered
star️ you will receive further guidance
star️ you will feel that you gave yourself access to the depths of your soul, where everything is possible.
Live Call happening at 1pm UK/8am Est

Let me introduce myself

Hi, I’m Stella. It’s sooo nice to connect with you here two hearts
I am inviting you into a space where your presence is welcomed, your gifts are celebrated, your ideas are valued.
As a guide, working with intuitive creators for over six years, my passion is all about highlighting the gifts of the world. And I highly believe that every person came in this lifetime equipped with incredible abilities and great power. 
I was born in a small country in Eastern Europe – Moldova. At 18 I moved to Romania for my studies and 5 years later I moved to the UK with my husband, where we’ve been living for the past 11 years.
During my journey, I discovered that part of my power and mission on this planet is to guide those who feel drawn to my energy on the path of their own abundance and growth. 

How did I get here?

It was just me and her in the hospital room, on my 30th birthday. In shock and disbelief. 
How did we get here? What kind of reality is this?
My baby was only 6 months, waiting for a second heart surgery in the same month. 
As I was by her side, watching her sleep, I had a million thoughts running through my head…’how can I take better care of her? Should I go back to my job after the maternity leave, or should I follow my heart and passion. But if I follow my heart and what I love, would that be selfish of me?’
Her second surgery was more complicated and I remember being speechless and crying, as the doctor was explaining everything about the procedure. She needed strong medications, to which she had strong reactions and that prolonged the healing even more.
We spent weeks together in hospital and, between medications and tears, I had time to reflect a lot during those sleepless nights. 
After her second surgery, I knew she needed extra love and care. That motivated me to begin the creation of a new life for our family. It became clear to me that she will need her Mummy happy. 
And in that moment, I had to start creating my happiness for her.
I was determined to make it happen, but I had no idea where to start from. I was in for a journey of exploration and growth. And in that moment, I said ‘I’m in, whatever it takes’.
My first instinct was to get back to my old ways and to work hard on making them work in my new situation. I was ‘encouraged’ by a few people in my life to do that. And I know they meant well. 
The previous ways and jobs worked in the past, and I was grateful for that. I quickly realised I had to create a completely new reality. With a new energy, aspirations and perspectives.
I had to give myself time to reflect on everything that my soul always loved. I needed the space to connect with my own guidance. 
Soon I started practising all the incredible things that I’ve learned over the years, during my own personal growth journey. I started connecting with amazing people online and offline.
I shared my time with them while practising, until one day… when one of the beautiful souls I was practising with told me: ‘Stella, you’ve helped me so much. I want to pay you for your help’.

That was all I needed to decide that from that very moment I was going to commit to a lifetime journey of serving others with my gifts…in a way that feels aligned with who I am, my lifestyle, my values, my energy. 

I never looked back. 
I wanted to create a life where I can be present for myself, for my purpose, and for my family. And that was my fire, my motivation.

I can’t even begin to explain how life changing working with Stella was. I had the pleasure of working with her for 3 months over the summer. The things she helped me discover about myself, helped me heal and helped me work out for my future were absolutely life changing. If you have the opportunity to work with her don’t miss it! It will change your life.

Jennifer Weller Williams

My Akashic Record Journey with Stella was so vivid and incredibly spot on. It brought me confirmation that the vision for my business, will come true in the very near future. And, a message from a beloved friend in spirit about a workshop we had created. It is time to share it on a broader level. And it will be very successful! The whole session was grounded with Stella’s energy and soothing voice as she took me through the upcoming years of my life. From personal to professional, I carry this session with me as a guide post to focus my efforts and energy.

Niobe Weaver

The amazingly intuitive woman has helped me reach into the depths of my sub-conscious and extract the biggest goals I have ever envisioned.
Stella is not only a beautiful soul but her ability to guide you through doors to your pure potential is more than empowering, it is life-changing.
Thank you, Stella, for being my guide and I look forward to more sessions with you soon, because my mind is now completely open.
Mandy Nicholson

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