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This Is Your Special Invitation To Join The Intuitive Creators Club

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You are everything and more

I see your gifts, I see your power and I see how sometimes it is hard for you to allow for that power to come through and to be shared with the world.
Your creative soul is here to play, to enjoy every step of your experience in this lifetime and beyond.  You feel in your heart that you have so much love to share, so many amazing things to create.

At times, you feel incredible excitement to think about your ideas. And there are also moments when you feel like nothing is working, that your beautiful precious gifts make no sense to the world.

There are moments when you reflect that you’ve been through so much to get here. And there are also times when you feel that all of this is not enough to serve the world.

And then you come back to yourself, asking yourself ‘am I even doing the right thing, have I chose the right path, can this help anyone?’
Well, beautiful soul I don’t believe in coincidences and if you’re reading this message, it may be that you needed to hear what I want to share with you here today.
Step into the 
Intuitive Creators Club

a space where you never feel alone and everyone around you is celebrating your journey with you

a loving, non-judgemental place where you will always receive guidance, where are you are always seen and heard.

a community with people who recognise when you’re ready to go forward and step into the next chapters of your life and are there to support you

where challenges are not brushed under the carpet. We don’t bypass them, we learn from them.

where everything is embraced as a lesson and a blessing in life, because we understand that our soul is here to experience this journey in this beautiful human body in this lifetime

a safe place for your ideas start taking shape, to materialise in this physical existence

But who is Stella and why should you work with her?

Stella has dedicated her life to working with the gifts of the world. She believes that every soul comes in this human body in this existence with so much to share and so much to learn. And during this journey, every beautiful soul has so many incredible gifts to share
Stella was born during Soviet times, in a small country called Moldova. As a child, she witnessed a lot of chaos around her. The Soviet Union collapsed and her country became independent. This was a huge historical moment for her country, because borders have finally opened after the second war and many families wanted to find each other, after not seeing each other for decades. People were trying to understand who they are, their identity, their beliefs, as a culture.
She has always been a dreamer, someone who believed that there is so much more than the eyes can see. She would go to her favourite places, in her cherry tree in her garden or going on the field with her baby ducks and a book in her hands to connect with her own space and energy. She believed strongly that there has to be place for creativity, that people don’t always have to restrict themselves to only what is visible in this physical world. Because there is so much more that our physical eyes don’t see.
Throughout her life, Stella moved from Moldova to Romania for her studies and then to the UK, back in 2013. A big turning point in her life was 2017 when she had her daughter. This is when she felt in her heart that it was the time for her to embrace the journey of sharing her gifts with the world.
Since then, she helped thousands of people decipher the mysteries of challenging situations in their lives. She helped many people see beyond what they thought is possible and achieve their dreams. She has embraced a journey of service to this world from a soul level. She has been doing that, using her intuition, her connection with the Divine. And she has also been using various tools and techniques to help her deliver the messages to her clients. She studied NLP, past life regression, future life progression, tarot, oracle and other divination tools.
Currently, Stella is going through a two years in-depth Shamanic practitioner course, with the intention to continue the healing for herself and the world.

Intuitive Creators Club is here for YOU

We don’t copy paste energy. 
We honour and expand our own. 
And you are invited to join us. 
Because it is super exciting to be surrounded by other people who stand in their own truth and continue to build their life from that place.

Here’s What You Get As A Member

Your Membership Includes

Mastermind Calls

where everyone has the possibility to chat one-to-one with Stella for up to 15 minutes. During this time you can ask for guidance, support, direction, help understanding certain situations that feel like a burden for you. This is the place where everyone comes with their open heart, to create the space for each other to grow.

Connection Calls

these calls happen once a month, with the intention for all of us to get to know each other better. They are similar to online networking events, but in a more intimate space. We share each other’s stories and we heal through that.

Intuitive Live Readings

these are live videos (q&a style) where anyone in the group who needs support or guidance can request a message from Stella. She will use her intuition and her cards to share these messages. These live videos are in the Facebook group, normally twice a month. They are a lot of fun and they bring a lot of insights for everyone in the community.

Guest Expert Calls

there are usually two guest experts per month who come into the community to share their insights, experience and expertise. We’ve had guest experts who shared information about Trello, living life with purpose, palmistry, neurographic art, efficiency and productivity and so much more.

New Recorded Videos

recorded video trainings every month, on different subjects that Stella feels inspired to talk about. 

Practical Guidance and Accountability

keep yourself accountable for every step of your journey while receiving personalised guidance.


You get access to an entire content gallery with incredible information that will help you connect with yourself and with the world around you in a much easier way. There is always new content that gets added to the space.

Communication with self :

everything starts from our beautiful heart our inner space. Here you will find trainings related to understanding yourself better, and improving the communication with yourself.

Communication with others :

when we learn more about our own inner space, feeling into the energy of who we are at our core, it becomes a bit easier to communicate with others. In this category, you will find information to help with that.

Communication with the Divine :

in this space, you will find trainings, guidance that will help you learn more about the connection with divine/universe/God/creator/source. This will help you navigate through life situations with more ease.

Showing up intuitively in business :

many of our members have businesses and many think of the possibility to have one in the future future. This is why this section is very important, because it helps with valuable information information on how to show up for your business, in a way that feels aligned with you.

Bonus, You’ll get access to:

Facebook group – where you see all the latest announcements, live card readings, and you receive the support from other members in the group

NDiscord channel – a forum style place, where you can share your questions, keep yourself accountable, connect with others on specific topics

NYour Account with access to the content gallery – this is where all the trainings are, all the recordings, all the material that is being shared in the group

NNotifications via emails – so that you receive the reminders for all the calls that are happening in the community

What Our Clients Have To Say…

- Latasha Adamson Stewart

- Latasha Adamson Stewart

Today’s mastermind was incredible. I love having a group of people I can share my wins and challenges with, without judgement. I really didn’t know what to expect when I joined the Intuitive Creators Club, but I can say in these few months I have gotten so much value out of it, my mind is blown.

Stella you are truly gifted. The intuitive hints you get are so on point and really are always like a little gem to help me move to the next step or get over the next obstacle. I was really stagnant in my business… big ideas, strong abilities but no motion. This membership has really changed all that! With Stella’s guidance along with the support of the members, and a safe place to have vulnerable conversations, I can really see myself building momentum. I even self published a book since joining. I really like Stella’s approach to business because it’s a mix of the masculine and the feminine. It’s not just analytical and money driven, but instead it also addresses intuition, your spirit and providing heart felt service. I really feel at home here.

- Mandy Nicholson

- Mandy Nicholson

The amazingly intuitive woman has helped me reach into the depths of my sub-conscious and extract the biggest goals I have ever envisioned.

Stella is not only a beautiful soul but her ability to guide you through doors to your pure potential is more than empowering, it is life-changing.

Thank you, Stella, for being my guide and I look forward to more sessions with you soon, because my mind is now completely open.

- Niobe Weaver

- Niobe Weaver

My Akashic Record Journey with Stella was so vivid and incredibly spot on. It brought me confirmation that the vision for my business, will come true in the very near future.

And, a message from a beloved friend in spirit about a workshop we had created. It is time to share it on a broader level. And it will be very successful!

The whole session was grounded with Stella’s energy and soothing voice as she took me through the upcoming years of my life.

From personal to professional, I carry this session with me as a guide post to focus my efforts and energy.

- Chelsea Perry

- Chelsea Perry

- Niki Barker

- Niki Barker

Join NOW for Extra Access To…

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This Is Your Special Invitation To Join The Intuitive Creators Club

Doors Open For A Limited Time


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Intuitive Creators Club?

The Intuitive Creators Club is a creative, supportive, and growth-oriented space. Here, we celebrate your unique gifts, provide practical tools, and foster a community where your creativity is cherished and uplifted.

How is this community different from others?

Our emphasis is on celebrating individuality and creating a warm space where your creative journey is not just embraced, but thrives. Exclusive content and weekly guidance calls make this community a truly enriching experience.

What if I’m uncertain about my intuitive abilities?

Perfect! The club is designed for every stage of your creative journey. Our supportive community, weekly guidance, and exclusive content are here to help you tap into your intuition and explore your creativity, regardless of where you are.

How often are the weekly guidance calls, and what topics do they cover?

Our weekly calls are your personal sessions for growth and guidance. They cover a spectrum of topics from nurturing your intuition, overcoming challenges, to aligning your creativity with your goals. It’s a dynamic space where your questions and creative curiosities take center stage. You can get up to 15 minutes of 1:1 support during the calls. You will have the chance to meet amazing guest speakers on some of these calls too. We have also introduced connection calls, healing workshops and live readings too.

Is there a commitment, or can I cancel anytime?

While we’d love to have you for a long term collaboration, there’s only 3 months minimum commitment to join. You can cancel anytime after that. We believe that once you experience the creative energy, you’ll want to stay and continue growing.

How does the 1% donation to Birmingham Children’s Hospital work?

We believe in giving back. For every payment received, 1% goes to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. Your creative journey also contributes to creating positive change for children in need.

What if I miss a weekly call or live event?

No worries! All our calls and live events are recorded. You can catch up at your own pace. The creative energy is always here, waiting for you.

How can I benefit if I’m a creative entrepreneur?

The Intuitive Creators Club is crafted for intuitive coaches, guides, healers, and artists. You’ll gain insights to fuel your business, connect with a supportive community, and align your creative energy for success.

What’s the difference between monthly and annual membership?

All memberships offer full access to our creative wonders. However, our annual members get two months free access.

Every payment sends a little love (1% to be precise) to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

Because being awesome should make the world a little brighter!

Why Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity?

This is a cause very close to my soul. The amazing doctors at the Birmingham Children’s
Hospital successfully helped my daughter through 2 heart surgeries, when she was only 6 months.

During our stay there, I’ve seen the dedication from ALL staff, how many lives they’re saving every single day and how much love they’re sharing with all the children there and their parents.

By joining Intuitive Creators Club, you’re sharing your love with them red heart