Whenever I work with somebody new, I’m like an excited child!

I’m so curious to know all about them because I’ve always adored people and their stories – all of the beautiful pieces that make them who they are. I can’t wait to learn about you, but just in case you’re like me too, here’s some of the story of me…

My background,

Hello! I’m Stella and I’m truly pleased you’re here,

I come from a very small country called Moldova, and I was born when Moldova was still part of the Soviet Union. There were some pretty tough times back then and I grew up knowing that I wanted a different life. During my childhood, my country went through a lot of big changes. It became independent from the Soviet Union and the nation was divided – everything was so confusing. My soul was asking to explore, was asking for more and I felt like I was in a space that was temporary for me.

What I didn’t understand at the time, was that these years were playing an important part in my future.

I can look back now and see that the hard work I was surrounded by within my family, the oppression and societal rules that limited us so much at the time, this environment taught me the value of discipline and belief. That if you put your mind to something, believe in it and work on it – no matter what – you will get there, and I’m incredibly grateful for how valuable my childhood experiences were in teaching me this.

My mentality soon mirrored this and I learned to work hard for what I wanted. When I finished high school, I said ‘I will try to apply for a place at Uni in Romania’. I found a program that was offering just 3 places for international students from Moldova.

and… I was the third one accepted!

The emotions that ran through my veins with such power were incredible. I was ‘breaking free!!’ I was ecstatic.


As soon as I arrived in Romania, I was often treated like an outsider as many people believed that ‘I stole’ one of those 3 places at uni. However, I also connected with a lot of amazing people who have become my very close friends and still are to this day. Our friendship through these times meant so much to me and still does.

These intense years (I was working days and nights to sustain myself and study) showed me just what I’m capable of, and once I’d found that, I knew I wanted, and was capable of so much more. It gave me a faith, and an excitement that, even during adversity, I could build my life in a remarkable way.

I knew that there was so much more to explore and look forward to, and I am so grateful I was lucky to have learnt what I have.

I finished my studies and got Romanian citizenship which is where I met my husband. He is an automotive engineer and was asked to come to the UK to work for a company that needed the specific skills that he has. At this point we were only boyfriend and girlfriend, but I trusted him and we came to the UK together, with just 2 suitcases and a lot of dreams.

I could barely string a sentence together in English, but I was in love with it here! The culture, the people, the nature so I just immersed myself here and learned it pretty much immediately.

We are now married so I am a wife and also Mum to a beautiful girl who fills our hearts with absolute joy every single day. I am also a sister, a daughter and a friend to all the gorgeous people who cross my path and remain in my life.

I just love people – really love them and who they are. People are definitely my life!

I like people to see what I see for them. I like them to see how much potential they have and how amazing they are.

Why I Started This Business…

I like to do things the way I feel because I don’t like rules that don’t make sense to me i.e. working 9-5 etc. I wanted to use all of my skills to serve in the best way I could and there wasn’t a job out there which reflected that intention. 

So I had to create ‘the job’, and now the business, myself. My skills, personality and application are so varied that I’m not a fit for a standard job. 

My Vision For The World…

When I was about 15-16, I had a dream. I saw myself flying even though I had never been on a plane before. I had a very clear image of the landscape I saw and I knew I was excited to be going there. When I woke up in the morning I told my mom, but none of this made any sense.

But when I was 20, I had the chance to go to America with a ‘Work & Travel’ program and I saw the exact landscape I’d seen in my dream! Not something similar like you could see on the TV – the exact landscape and the exact feelings I’d already had in the dream.

I didn’t understand at that time that I had actually jumped into my future. 


Later in life I learned how to travel in time intentionally and access the valuable information our soul holds about our journey in this lifetime and more but at just 15, my soul gave me that experience to cherish. I still believe that was one of the points in my life where my own purpose was revealed to me.

So back to my vision… I want to help those who want to be in tune with their higher selves, and intuition. To help those who believe that so many answers are within themselves. This helps people to dream big, to reach for the stars and… to get there! 🙂

If we could all access at least a fraction of our full potential, the world would be a much more thriving and peaceful place. There is a place for everyone. Competition is irrelevant. We all have a unique set of skills to help each other and we are more connected than we think we are. I want to help people notice what and where those connections are.

Why Work With Me…

My gifts and techniques help so many other people in the world and I want you to share your gifts too! By showing you how to really look inside, how to set an intention you’re so aligned with you’ll be unstoppable and how to deal with any blockages on your path, you can live such a beautiful, beautiful life, unapologetically.

That is what I want for you, and for everyone.