Stella has an absolutely beautiful attitude toward life, and she is genuinely interested in connecting with people. She is like a breath of fresh air when she walks. My experience in the “live video boot camp”
Stella was so unique and exciting. I do believe she is the master of activating the hidden power in people. During the challenge, I was so impressed by discovering my potential with the help of Stella.
Although the journey was very scary at the beginning. I never felt alone as Stella was always there for me and genuinely encouraged me to step forward. Thanks, Stella for being such a beautiful and inspiring person. “

Somayeh Khatibi

“This will have a strong influence on my life from now on Feeling freshly re-energized after a wonder-fully revealing past regression this evening guided by Stella
Her friendly presence and gentle voice accompanied me through life enriching experiences tucked away
in the nether recesses of my mind. This will have a strong influence on my life from now on. Extremely
effective and very different from anything I’ve experienced in this field so far. I’ll be going to the future
with her again very soon. Thank you Stella.

Andrea W.

“Stella helped me see a much clearer path to keep moving forward What a beautiful way to start my Sunday! Thank you so much Stella, you really helped me get my ideas in order and see a much clearer path to keep moving forward. Xoxo”

 Stephie LS


Seeing 3 different outcomes of my future made me feel very excited…

I had my Future Life Progression session with beautiful Stella yesterday and the experience was extraordinary. I am repressionist myself however never tried future travels. Stella very quickly helped me to relax and performed very good session on me. I have been able to visit 3 different outcomes of my future which made me feel very excited. Thank you Stella!

Dom Reina

“’Stella is an amazing coach!!

Highly recommend hiring Stella as a business coach!! Had a session with her awhile ago where we established that I need to start doing live videos in order to uplevel my business. At that time going live was not an option for me as I was too scared to do it. With Stella’s help and ongoing support I not only managed to overcome this fear but I have been doing lives on fb ever since. Stella is an amazing coach!! Kind, compassionate, firm but in a very gentle way, understanding and extremely supportive. She will guide you through the worst and be by your side every step of the way!!! I am so grateful that I have met her!! THANK YOU STELLA

Bogusia B.

“Thank you for helping me evolve”

I signed up for three sessions with Stella to work on getting the confidence needed to start my business. Stella was very easy to work with and helped me see the “monster” that I had been afraid for years in a much different way. I took a lot away from our time together, and feel that working with her really helped spring me  forward, and help me get unstruck. I missed one of our appointments (my brain told me I knew when it was), and she was very compassionate about my mistake and was very understanding. I was one of the people who taught I didn’t need to work with a coach, but I am so glad that I did! Thank you, Stella, for all your help, guidance, encouragement, and helping me evolve.

-Jessica Kaminski

Beyond happy and grateful with my experience I had a GREAT experience with Stella! I am beyond happy and grateful with my experience. She helped me through the Future Life Progression coaching. I was struggling with making an important business decision. By the end of the session, I had so much clarity to feel confident in the decision I choose! During the session, I also realized my limiting beliefs I did not know I had. Realizing the limiting beliefs is going to help me grow personally, my business grow, and allow me to help others!

 Kate Dohl

Stella helped me clear so many doubts about myself I had more than an hour session with Stella & she helped me clear so many doubts about myself and how to take my life forward from here. She is amazingly intuitive, and someone you are able to connect to easily. Thank you so much. And I loved her voice.. so reassuring

Poonam Beotra

Stella has been giving me support the whole way! Stella has been an amazing coach. I was in a very depressed hopeless mind frame when I met her and now. Stella has made such a huge difference in just a few months. I’m making money. I’m growing my connections and I’m opening a salon. She has been giving me support the whole way! She’s helping me find me! Do yourself a favor and reach out to her

Michele Sutton Cummings

I received fantastic empowerment tools Stella is a wonderful, caring lady who guided me through a future life progression. I received fantastic empowerment tools and a whole new outlook on life! I highly recommend Stella. Professional and passionate. Let Stella help you make positive changes in your life today!

 Candace Savage

I was able to finally come to a decision

I had the most AMAZING experience with Stella. She was able to guide me into 3 different doorways, each taking me into my possible future, for me to experience and allow myself the chance to see which one was the best for me to move forward with. The session gave me so much clarity and I was able to finally come to a decision about what it was I truly wanted to go after. Stella had me feeling so relaxed and safe as she guided me through my session. Thank you so much Stella

Paige Gregory

Powerful journey into my future self’

Thank you Stella for your kind words. Gentle guidelines and subtle direction you showed into my private session with you.

I enjoyed every minute of it, and I felt safe and cared for all the way.

Your intentions are pure gold and your commitment to your clients success is wonderful.

I am grateful to know you are there for when I could do with more clarity and directions.

Last time I saw clearly, I’m on the right path, but your session brought my focus on the right activities. As I am a bubble spirit getting excited for more than one thing at a time.

I recommend Stella’s service for you if you want more clarity!

Christina T