Sometimes, the very thing you think is missing was right in front of you all along.


Sometimes, the very thing you think is missing was right in front of you all along.
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Do you ever feel like you are a jumbled up jigsaw puzzle but you don’t have any idea what the actual picture is?

Or your picture, aka vision, isn’t the same as everyone else’s so you’re constantly questioning it? Or even worse, you’ve always been told your picture is wrong.

Many of us do. I know I did.

But when you start to look inside at who you really are, when you really connect with your higher self, or really listen to the voice of your soul, you start to find the key pieces of your true picture.

The vision you’re hiding or haven’t been able to see before now. Life is very much like that jigsaw. We are exactly like the jigsaw.

In the same way that the corners of a jigsaw, or a distinctive piece can show us the picture, insight can do the same with your vision, and life.

When you are able to make sense of just a few pieces of your life, it’s enough insight to make a confident start. When you know the cornerstones of who you are underneath the jumble, the piecing together of everything becomes a beautiful creative process.

But life isn’t quite that simple is it? Because ‘life’ isn’t just your jigsaw – the universe ‘very helpfully’ tips everybody’s jigsaw pieces onto the huge table of life, in one massive mix for us to try out all of the pieces until we find our own.

That’s a lot of trial and error – and if we are taught to understand that this is a healthy part of life, it’s beautiful. Many of us weren’t given that lesson though, we are often taught that we have to piece ourselves together as quickly as possible in order to just function.

So if you are feeling small and insignificant at the moment, incomplete, or like you don’t fit, I want you to know that it’s okay to not fit.

You’re unique. Your jigsaw pieces are never going to fit into somebody else’s picture. And that’s okay.

I want to gift you the release of that expectation – let go of fitting in, enjoy who you are instead. In the same way the edges of your jigsaw piece are not cut for the other picture, you weren’t born to sit in a life that isn’t yours.


My role is to mirror back to you the key parts
that need to be brought into focus.

Many times, people come to me for their answers. I don’t have the answers. I show you that you have them and where they are.



These are some techniques I use but are not limited to the following. I’ve learnt over so many years of following my own passion, of listening to my own soul’s call can help you.

Future Life Progression

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I will guide you to meet with your future self. This session allows you to access valuable advice from the very unique and evolved future ‘You’. This is a glance into one of your future lifetimes. You will have the opportunity to feel, see or just know the messages you need to know in this present lifetime to help you access this information from the future you.

Past Life Regression

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Travel to one of your past lives to unlock precious information about some of the blockages in this life. You will get a sense of who you were, what you were doing, what lessons you’ve learned and what it is to still be learned. You may see some of the patterns that keep repeating and you will recognise those that no longer affect your soul’s journey. You will also see some of those that are still influencing you in this life. After this session you will have clarity on where your soul is, what lessons are still there to be learned, and valuable information about your soul’s journey.

NLP Techniques

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Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques like Timeline Reimprinting techniques, Parental Reimprinting techniques, or other sessions can help you understand your limiting beliefs in this life, where they come from, face them and deal with them. These techniques will help you see various situations in your life that seemed difficult from multiple perspectives. We will work on finding the perspective that gives peace to your soul and helps you forgive yourself and others, or come to peace with some painful moments in your life. These techniques are serving your soul in a way that you will no longer blame yourself ‘for all that happened’, you will finally see the sun and will begin to feel its warmth in your soul. It will help you lift all of that energetic weight off your shoulders. 

Intuitive Readings

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All the answers are within yourself. It is like having a map of your soul all the time within yourself. But there are some moments when you just may want a different perspective and guidance on the situation. This is when I would use tools like beautiful Tarot or Oracle, to explore which options would be the best to consider right now. We can see if your current path feels good for you, whether you just need to have more patience or if it’s best to look somewhere else. We will look at your situation together and find the most necessary or beneficial focus points for you right now. These sessions are not about me telling you what to do. These sessions are about helping you dive into different details about your life and situation and to understand what is the best decision for you to take right now.

Find Your Best Future

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In this session, I will guide you five years into your future. You will be able to explore 3 different options for your future and find the best one for yourself. This information will come from your higher self and will give you guidance on how to proceed in your current circumstances. This session will also give you the clarity and the message from your higher self about how to do things in the easiest and most fulfilling way. You will have the opportunity to ‘try on’ your best future and feel it. You will also understand what changes you need to make today, to attract all the magic in your life as soon as possible. 

I can show you what you need to do next to breathe more easily, to shed that energetic weight and to release the bondage of a past that tries to tie you down.

 journey together

Your answers are all within you, and together we can shine that light on where they are. Together we can decide where in your time and space we can travel to look for your answers and what is on the top of your list right now. When you’re with me…

None of your ideas are ‘too crazy’
You’re in a ‘non-judgemental zone’
You’re completely free to express what you think and feel
You will receive compassion
You will receive a loving space and guidance on your next steps

Let me help – to share my gift with you. I have helped hundreds of people to release themselves from being stuck, to see where they are going, to declutter their future so that they can see it in all it’s beauty.

I’ve helped them see that the soul map they didn’t know they had, simply needed a light on the currently jumbled pieces.

I’d love more than anything to help you do this too. The most popular ways I currently help are…