Calling in all the intuitive guides, psychics, coaches, healers, artists two hearts


A new beautiful space is being carefully designed and prepared just for you. This space has been patiently waiting to be introduced to the world, while it had to gain the understanding about who exactly it is for.


This space is calling you, if you:


green heart desire to work on improving the communication with yourself and others


green heart have acquired many techniques and modalities over the years, but you’re looking for clarity about how to use them to serve your clients


green heart know you want to be part of a community with incredible intuitive and creative souls who are constantly evolving


green heart want to have the support and the accountability to keep growing in your life and business


green heart want to show up intuitively in your life and business and not being forced to play by someone else’s rules


Want to be the first to know?

By saying yes, you are letting us know that you would like to receive further updates on the creation of this space. This doesn’t mean that you are committing to joining when we open. You will however receive a very special invitation, when the space will be ready for you to join, should you want to become a founding member.

Funding members will:

two hearts lock in the lowest price, for as long as they will choose to stay in the community

two hearts be an important part of the creation of the space. Their opinion will help us build it with love

two hearts get to ask for specific trainings and resources and we will create them for the funding members and for the community


As a heartfelt thank you for being among the first to join our waitlist, you’ll receive a powerful tool to start your journey: a complimentary workbook on Energy Management and Self Care!

This workbook is designed to help you cultivate balance, tap into your intuition, and nurture your creative soul.

Inside, you’ll discover practical exercises, insightful reflections, and actionable tips to harness your energy and elevate your self-care practices.

The Intuitive Creators Club is being built on the foundation of trust, love, and respect for one another. If this sounds aligned with who you are, join the waiting list today to unlock this empowering gift and stay updated on all the exciting developments. 🌟